Modular Wall Systems for Accelerated, Safe, and Sustainable Construction

Start Date: February 2022

Duration: 5 Years

This project aims to revolutionize the design and construction of future buildings through an integrated interdisciplinary approach – to create innovative building blocks that are combined with multiple building functions (structural and thermal) and are suitable for modular and autonomous construction. These innovative blocks can form walls in any shape (curved, inclined, and tall) with desired openings to accommodate other building components (wood and steel structures, ventilation and electrical systems). These blocks can be assembled quickly by autonomous machines on or off sites. Therefore, the introduction of the new building blocks will enable very modular design and construction and fully utilize the power of artificial intelligence, computational design, BIM technologies, additive manufacturing, and robotic construction. The modular and multi-functional features of the blocks will significantly enhance the productivity of the design construction, and the accuracy of cost estimation and planning. Using autonomous construction with the blocks on or off site will minimize health and safety risks. The high thermal performance of the wall systems, low embodied energy production of the blocks, and the outstanding durability of masonry materials will minimize the overall construction environmental footprint.

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Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association, Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta, Canada Masonry Design Centre, Omron Industrial Innovation

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