Yong Li, PhD, PEng





Dr. Li is fascinated in developing and applying (1) mechanics- and/or data-based models, and (2) probabilistic and machine learning methods to engineering risk/reliability problems in the field of structural engineering. This serves to assist decision-making in the process of probability-based design, retrofit, health monitoring, and maintenance of a wide range of structures (e.g., concrete bridges, masonry buildings, steel structures and pipelines, timber structures, etc.) in the face of uncertainty. He is also interested in inverse engineering problems (e.g., structural design optimization, nonlinear system identification using field-recorded and experimental data). Specifically, his research interests include:

research projects

Data-Driven Decision-Making Methods for Improved Design, Fabrication, Construction and Deconstruction of Steel Structures

Modular Wall Systems for Accelerated, Safe, and Sustainable Construction