Membership Benefits

___   Partnering for Success

The CIC seeks to give industry partners access to valuable services and interdisciplinary teams who can work together to maximize the impact of collaborative research. Our aim is to develop effective solutions to the specific problems faced by the Canadian construction industry today and find ways to stay on the leading edge of innovation in construction.

___   Better Together

The CIC offers different levels of membership that allow member organizations to benefit from the CIC’s valuable services, join CIC collaborative projects, and gain access to the CIC’s lab and equipment. Participating organizations will be able to share data and expert knowledge with the best minds of Canada’s construction industry.

___   CIC Services

  1. Participation in research projects
  2. Exclusive access to industry-wide results and products from research projects (e.g., publications, reports, and software); results of literature surveys and software product reviews.
  3. Exclusive access to industry-wide inventories and warehouses of research data and data sets
  4. Onsite implementation/pilot of developed technologies
  5. Participation in demonstration of solutions
  6. Access to CIC’s collaborative lab
  7. Exclusive access to searchable database of all CIC researchers’ work
  8. Exclusive access to CIC for needs analysis and connecting to researchers
  9. Exclusive access to CIC’s online tools and guides
  10. Customized training, workshops, and webinars
  11. Member rates for participation in the Innovation in Construction Forum (ICF)
  12. Sponsorship opportunities at the ICF
  13. Participation in Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) recruitment mixers
  14. Facilitated connection to students for internship opportunities
  15. Professional development certificate programs
  16. Summer workshop series
  17. Special communications, reports, and/or e-newsletters
  18. Access to University of Alberta resources (e.g., meeting rooms and equipment)
  19. Member rates for consultations, technical advice, troubleshooting, and technical updates
  20. Opportunity to showcase technology at CIC events
  21. Opportunity to participate in CIC start-up business ventures