Rafiq Ahmad, PhD, P.Eng





Dr. Ahmad's research orientations are divided into three major areas: 1. Advanced Manufacturing (Hybrid Manufacturing, CNC machining, 3D Printing, STEP-NC, Laser welding and cladding): Combined machining and 3D printing, Mutli-nozzle system for additive manufacturing, Re-manufacturing, Reverse Engineering, Knowledge-based vision-assisted approaches, STEP-NC, & Laser-assisted Manufacturing, Rapid Reconfigurable Manufacturing systems, Industry 4.0, Lean Manufacturing and ERP systems. 2. Design for X (Design for Manufacturing/Re-manufacturing/Hybrid-manufacturing/Additive-manufacturing): Sustainable design of both product and innovate manufacturing systems to produce it. This includes: Decision systems for Methods and Tools selection, Design-for-Manufacturing and Additive manufacturing, Innovative Assembly Designs, Mutli-nozzle system design, DFM,and DFAM. 3. Industrial Automaton (Robotics): Assembly / Disassembly automation, Multi-pass welding automation, Software, algorithms and systems development based on knowledge and ontologies, vision-based path planning, Human-Robot Collaboration.

research projects

Advancements in Industrialized Building Construction

AI-powered Generative Design and Manufacturing for Prefabricated Buildings

BIM-integrated Robotics for Intelligent Mass Timber Manufacturing and Operations