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CIC Partner Spotlight: Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta


Incorporated in 1965, the Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta (MCAA) was created to serve as a venue for contractors in the masonry industry to have a forum through which they could have input into the direction of Alberta’s masonry industry, as well as a place where professionals in the field could socialize and both exchange and learn new technological information regarding innovations and changes occurring in the masonry industry. The objectives of the Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta are to create a community that allows individuals working in the masonry industry are supported in their search for safety on the job, [...]

CIC Partner Spotlight: Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta2022-11-22T13:54:49-06:00

CIC Partner Spotlight: Ledcor


Founded by William Lede in 1947 as Leduc Construction, Ledcor has grown into a diversified company made up of teams of people who work to design, build, transport, operate, and maintain projects all over North America. As a company, Ledcor is committed to putting the values of integrity, accountability, quality, and customer service first. The Ledcor Group of Companies operates in a wide range of industries including building, environmental, forestry, infrastructure, mining, transportation, power, properties, oil and gas, and communications. Responsible for building several of Canada’s large-scale construction projects—including The Bow building in Calgary in 2012, and the Shangri-La hotel in [...]

CIC Partner Spotlight: Ledcor2022-11-22T13:55:09-06:00

Engineered Lumber: A better way to build?


Many people will be familiar with the regular variety of lumber, also known as “dimensional lumber”, which is wood that has been processed into conventional beams, planks, or boards through a process that begins with logs that are cut down into various sizes. Engineered lumber—also known as engineered wood, mass timber, composite wood, man-made wood, or manufactured board—is any manufactured wood product in which the strands, particles, fibres, veneers, or boards of wood are bound or fixed together with adhesives or some other method of fixation to form a composite material. Engineered lumber products can be used to create joists and [...]

Engineered Lumber: A better way to build?2022-11-08T12:37:46-06:00

Partner Spotlight: PCL Construction


PCL has collaborated with the University of Alberta’s Construction Innovation Centre (CIC) for several years and has partnered with CIC researchers in several NSERC partnership programs. It was also one of the sponsors for the 2022 CIC Forum and currently has representation on both of the CIC’s industry steering committees. Founded in 1906 by James Martin and Ernest Edward Pool, the company began as Ma