Founded by Reza Nasseri in 1977, Landmark Homes strives to be at the forefront of innovation in house construction. The company’s commitment to building Net Zero homes that are affortable and energy efficient has led to it winning multiple awards, including 17 awards from the Canadian Home Builders’ Association in the past five years alone.

Landmark Homes works alongside ACQBUILT, North America’s leading state-of-the-art offsite construction facility, to create floor panels, walls, decks and verandas, stairs, roof trusses, and even install windows to ensure meeting the highest standard of accuracy and efficiency during construction. Offsite construction means that Landmark’s building components are able to be created with greater precision and under controlled conditions that help avoid the kinds of variables that can be caused by the weather outdoors, and also allows construction to take place in less than two days once the building components are delivered to the work site, meaning that exposure to precipitation is reduced by up to eighty percent, thereby significantly reducing the risk of mold and bacterial growth in the walls and creating healthier, cleaner structures.

All of Landmark’s houses are built with energy-efficient features that include options for the installation of solar panels. Landmark Homes is also one of the original members of Built Green© Canada, an industry-driven organization committed to working with builders interested in sustainability practices in the residential building sector, and the homes the company builds routinely score high EnerGuide ratings, saving their end users money and benefitting the environment.

Landmark Homes’ founder, Reza Nasseri, has worked with the University of Alberta to establish the Nasseri School of Building Science and Engineering, which focuses on improving the sustainability of commercial and residential building processes, starting with the design and materials and carrying all the way through the building life cycle. Landmark Homes also has active representation on both the Construction Innovation Centre’s Executive Management Committee and Strategic Advisory Committee and has worked alongside CIC researchers on multiple NSERC partner programs.