Data-Driven Decision-Making Methods for Improved Design, Fabrication, Construction and Deconstruction of Steel Structures

Start Date: September 2022

Duration: 5 Years

The main objective of this project is to develop data-driven methods for decision-making support in order to enhance safety, quality, cost-efficiency, sustainability, and productivity in the steel construction industry. The specific objectives of this project are to: (1) Understand the steel design, fabrication, erection and repair workflows; (2) Develop simulation models of steel design, fabrication, erection, repair, demolition and deconstruction in collaboration with industry professionals through data collection from the industry and supplementary models ; (3) Develop automated decision-making methods for design, fabrication, erection, repair, demolition and deconstruction of structural steel; and (4) Propose recommendation for implementing the developed methods into steel industry workflows (design engineers, project managers and operations personnel) to allow better collaboration and data exchange among project stakeholders.

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Collins Steel, Supreme Steel, WF Steel & Crane, TSE Steel, CW Carry, STEADFAST Engineering, DIALOG, S-Frame, IDEA StatiCa, Building Point, Niik Group, CISC, CWB

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