Mustafa Gul, PhD, PEng




Dr. Gul’s research interests mainly lie in the area of Civil Infrastructure Systems (CIS) for improving their performance by means of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). SHM is a highly interdisciplinary research area integrating different cutting edge technologies. It may be employed to track and evaluate the condition of the aerospace, mechanical and civil structures during regular operation as well as after extreme events. In civil engineering, SHM systems can be implemented to different CIS, such as bridges, buildings, power plants and pipelines, to improve their safety and reliability as well as to optimize the management operations. SHM systems are considered as one of the critical components of future’s sustainable smart CIS.

research projects

Advancements in Industrialized Building Construction

AI-powered Generative Design and Manufacturing for Prefabricated Buildings

Universal Energy System Solution for Residential Applications