Hossein Rouhani, PhD, PEng





Dr. Rouhani is a Mechanical, Mechatronics, and Clinical engineer. His academic background is in signal processing, engineering mechanics, mechatronics, control, and computational intelligence. The current application of his research projects is in rehabilitation technologies, medical instrumentation, wearable technologies, ergonomics, and sports science. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of his research program, he collaborates with health scientists at hospitals across Canada. His research interests include neuro-musculoskeletal biomechanics, biomedical instrumentation design, gait and movement disorder measurement, rehabilitation technologies, wearable technologies for daily health monitoring, biomedical data/signal processing, postural balance and fall risk assessment, bio-feedback control systems, and computational Intelligence.

research projects

Evaluation of Impact of Exoskeletons on Performance and Safety of Construction Workers

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