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The CIC is pushing the limits in technology while helping innovation and entrepreneurs reach their full potential and develop groundbreaking technologies. In this session, the CIC presents an emerging technology: wearable robots, also known as exoskeletons. Join us to learn about the CIC’s initiatives, what exoskeletons are, why to adopt them and the research that is taking place for industrial applications.


  • Dr. Yasser Mohamed-Director of the Construction Innovation Centre (CIC), Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta. He has expertise in the areas of modeling and simulation, data mining, and machine learning, and his research spans more than 15 years of collaborations with a variety of construction companies.
  • Dr. Hossein Rouhani-Associate Professor , Department of Mechanical Engineering, Director of the Neuromuscular Control & Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of Alberta. His academic background is in musculoskeletal biomechanics, wearable systems for health monitoring, biomedical instrumentation design, engineering mechanics, mechatronics, control, and computational intelligence.
  • Sarah Krell– Specialist Occupational Health Nurse with EPCOR. Her nursing career has traversed a majority of areas including surgery, critical care, ICU, CCU, teaching at the University of Alberta, management, occupational health, and consulting. She has a strong passion for innovation and supports adopting emerging technologies to improve health and safety in job sites.
  • Dr. Ali Golabchi is the Research and Innovation Scientist at the CIC. He contributes to bridging the gap between academia and industry and oversees the development and adoption of technology-based, data-powered, science-driven solutions to improving performance, safety, and productivity.



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