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Exoskeletons: A promising technology to improve safety and performance in construction?


Exoskeletons, also known as exosuits or wearable robots, are structures that can be attached to the human body to augment and reinforce user performance. Exoskeletons can be made from rigid material (e.g. metal or carbon fiber) or soft and elastic materials. Exoskeletons can support the entire body, just the upper or lower extremities, or just a specific body segment such as the lower back. The main function of an exoskeleton is to augment a user’s strength through the use of motors, or to transfer loads from a user’s weaker muscles and joints to stronger ones. Active exoskeletons, or powered exoskeletons are [...]

Exoskeletons: A promising technology to improve safety and performance in construction?2022-10-06T12:03:54-06:00

CIC Partner Spotlight: Carry Steel


Carry Steel, a division of C.W. Carry Ltd., has been established for over 60 years, specializing in the supply and fabrication of structural and miscellaneous steel for oil and gas refineries, heavy oil extraction plants, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, and commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. The company is a full line steel service center offering a wide selection of carbon steel products from a large onsite inventory, as well as value added services (bevel, break, cut, cope, drill/punch, form, roll, shear, stamp, thread and more). Carry Steel also provides complete structural, miscellaneous, and custom steel fabrication supply (project management, [...]

CIC Partner Spotlight: Carry Steel2022-03-09T23:51:59-06:00