CIC Open House – April 28th


We would like to thank all of the attendees and researchers that participated in the April 28th CIC Open House event for making it a success! We were very happy to see so many interested and engaged members of our community participating in tours of labs run by researchers at the CIC's Biosensors, Exoskeletons and Robotic Arms lab; the Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining; the Masonry Centre; the Networked Optimization, Diagnosis, and Estimation (NODE) Laboratory; the Smart & Sustainable Manufacturing Systems LABoratory; and the Steel Centre! We look forward to hosting more and better events with even more network [...]

CIC Open House – April 28th2023-05-08T14:36:30-06:00

CIC Project Spotlight: “Practical Methods for Accurate Estimation of Overall R-Values of Masonry Walls”


Whether dealing with the harsh cold of winter or the blazing summer heat, all year round we rely on our homes and workplaces to keep us safe and comfortable. Not only does the ability of a building to maintain a comfortable internal temperature important for its occupants’ health, but it’s an important consideration in terms of environmental impact and operating costs! A well-insulated building uses less gas and electricity than one that constantly needs to be warmed up or cooled down. Heat is transferred via conduction, convection, and radiation, and thermal energy will always move from warm areas into cold ones. [...]

CIC Project Spotlight: “Practical Methods for Accurate Estimation of Overall R-Values of Masonry Walls”2023-09-14T10:13:57-06:00

CIC Partner Spotlight: Supreme Steel


“The knowledge of the past becomes the wisdom of the future.”  - John Leder, co-founder of Supreme Steel Supreme Steel began as a small western Canadian steel erector business launched in 1972 by John and Sally Leder. The company grew into the biggest privately held steel fabricator in the 1980s, and has since participated in projects like Seattle’s Ranier Tower, Vancouver’s Port Mann Bridge and Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Stations, Edmonton’s Rogers Arena and the combined office and control tower at the Edmonton International Airport, and the Diavik diamond mine in the Northwest Territories, among others. In 2020, Supreme Steel refined [...]

CIC Partner Spotlight: Supreme Steel