Mohamed Al-Hussein, PhD, PEng




Dr. Al-Hussein’s research has proffered a number of contributions to the industrialization of the building construction process through the development of modular and offsite construction technologies. This has included construction automation for equipment selection and on-site utilization; 3D- and 4D-modelling and automation; optimizing construction operations (from the initial planning stage to project completion, including scheduling, budgeting, and general project management); automating the design and drafting process; minimizing construction material waste through intelligent 3D-design; quantifying and reducing CO2 emissions during the construction process, improving invoice processing for construction organizations through the application of lean and post-lean principles, conducting evidence-based studies to reduce health and safety hazards in the built environment through improved design, and improving the health and well-being of construction site workers and the quality of life for the public/users of completed projects.

research projects

Advancements in Industrialized Building Construction

AI-powered Generative Design and Manufacturing for Prefabricated Buildings

BIM-integrated Robotics for Intelligent Mass Timber Manufacturing and Operations