Construction-oriented Digital Twins for Multi-Dimensional Planning and Control

Start Date: November 2023

Duration: 5 Years

The aim of this research is to enable the seamless integration of original project plans with as-built project information in order to improve construction planning and control. This includes enhancing both the collection of as-built project data, as well as the synchronization of that data with project plans. The research targets several management areas including (1) productivity monitoring and control, (2) risk assessment and forecasting, and (3) sustainability and waste reduction. Several research activities aimed at these three areas will run in parallel, each focusing on data collection and the development of deliverable standalone solutions to specific planning and control challenges. These solutions will later be integrated into a larger multi-dimensional framework to improve the forecasting and control of current builds and the planning of future projects.

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PCL Constructors Inc., Ledcor Constructors Inc., Capital Power, Graham Industrial Services LP, Carry Steel, Landmark Homes

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