Advancements in Industrialized Building Construction

Start Date: January 2023

Duration: 5 Years

The objectives of the proposed research initiative can be summarized as follows: (1) develop made-in-Canada technologies to facilitate mechanization and automation in Canada’s building manufacturing sector; (2) increase the productivity of automated building manufacturing processes through improved scheduling and production control; (3) improve the productivity of manual operations in building manufacturing through plant layout optimization and work redesign; (4) improve the efficiency and accuracy of building manufacturing through the introduction of automated, manufacturing-centric BIM tools; (5) enhance the operational performance of light-wood and light-gauge steel framing and sheathing through the incorporation of robotic technologies; (6) reduce process waste and human error in building manufacturing by increasing the level of digitalization in internal communication mechanisms, and production control; and (7) improve the occupational safety of building manufacturing through ergonomic analysis applications.

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industry partners

Alberta Innovates, All Weather Windows, Kent Homes, Landmark Homes, NCSG Engineering Ltd., NRB, Qualico, Uniao Commercial Barao Ltda.

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